What type of bows do you offer?

Glad you asked!  We offer two styles of bow and each style comes in three sizes!

The Glitter Bow is a glitter (or matte!) twist on the traditional bow!  We offer this bow in just about any color and print there is!  This bow comes in three sizes – Bitty, Medium & Large.

The Ribbon bow is not your mother’s bow!  It comes in three sizes and can be customized to be exactly her style!  This bow comes in Single, Double & Triple.

What are the sizes of the different bows?

Bitty:  2.25” wide X 1.25” tall
Medium: 3” wide X 2” tall
Large: 5-5.5” wide X 3” tall
Single Ribbon: 3” wide X 2 tall”
Double: 5” wide X 3” tall
Triple: 5” wide X 4” tall

 Do you have a minimum purchase for Sezzle?

Yes, we do!  We require a minimum purchase of $35.00 to use Sezzle at checkout. 

Do you do custom bows?

Yes, we sure do!  If you would like a custom bow go join our facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1336704516449455/) and shoot me a PM!  We can chat about option and create the perfect bow for your Little!

You can also send me a message in the Contact Us section!

What is your turnaround time?

This is a tricky one because it just depends on what you’re wanting!  All “Ready to Ship” orders ship within 7 days of the invoice being paid.  However, custom orders tend to be around 2 weeks.  Name Plate Bows have minimum of 6 weeks to turnaround.

How often do you do name plate bows?

I do name plate orders about 3 times a year.

How much is shipping?  Can I do local pickup?

Shipping is $4 flat rate per order.  Yes, if you want to do local pickup, great!  When checking out, just put that in the comments.  Message me on Facebook and let me know what day you would like to pickup and we will get ya taken care of!  Local pickups have 7 days to retrieve items or you’ll be charged shipping and they’ll post the next week.